We're a group of people who believe in balance.
We use data and technology to explore and change the world around us, but always put people first.

Our values


Be direct, honest and strive to understand the true meaning of things. We strive to always survey reality to our best knowledge and capabilities, in order to suggest the best course of action in any given situation.


Communicate empathically, be fair and do not discriminate. Interactions with each other and our environment are an integral part of life, we aim to make those interactions better for everyone involved.


Take responsibility, be proactive, veto ideas or actions you do not think or feel have merit. We love working with minimum limitations, but that means we need to take responsibility and own our work.

Data orientation

Quantify things to communicate in a clear way, set controls for processes and strive for balance. Quantifying things helps make communication better, clarifies our intent.

Our mission

Create digital comparison products and services in a way that optimizes value for all parties of the ecosystem: our people, our clients & our users.

Our vision

To become a beacon for balancing ecosystems, setting standards for digital comparison while acting in multiple verticals, geographies, marketing channels and business models.

Optival Timeline


May Ron & Harel found Optival & Start to work remotely.
March We build our first BI.


April We reach USD 100K revenue.
January We start working at a shared space
office & implement a hybrid work model.


April With a total of 12 Optivalians,
we move to a place of our own & we start the Personal Growth budget.
January We reach USD 1M revenue for the first time.


June Ron takes first Optival Parental Leave.
July We move! (yeah in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic)



August We keep growing, we expand to an additional floor!